Key Elements To Training Your Dog


One of the most important aspects of training your dog is to utilize effective behavior modification strategies. Most people often ignore, or simply do not implement, these strategies, leading to prolonged training sessions that would otherwise be successful in a shorter period of time. In essence, you have to know how your dog thinks, how they will react to your commands and behaviors, and you need to know what techniques should be used to accelerate the training process. This article will present three foundational dog training tips that will not only help you train your dog, but allow you to become a master at canine behavior modification.

Controlling The Situation

It is always important to make sure that your dog understands who is in control of the situation. Your canine must understand unequivocally that you are calling the shots. If you find yourself in situations where you are fighting for control, your ability to properly train the dog will be greatly diminished. The best way to assert control in all areas is to use a leash while walking your dog. The slightest movements in the wrong direction should be met with a quick tug on the collar, redirecting him or her immediately. By implementing this behavior modification technique, it will cross over into everything else that you do, ensuring that your dog will be listening intently and obeying.

Don’t Reinforce The Negative

When your dog does something wrong, it is very common for trainers to reinforce the fact that a mistake has been made. They may shout “No!” or punish the dog by talking loudly, or use a newspaper on their snout. Instead, for behavior modification to actually work, redirect their attention to something else. Ask them to sit down after the mistake has been made, and praise them for making a good choice. Reinforcing the negative will only exacerbate the condition, but by redirecting to something else that they can easily accomplish, the positive reinforcement that you provide will actually help diminish, and eventually eliminate, the bad behavior.


Consistency Is The Key

A very important strategy to always implement when trying to modify a dog’s behavior is to always be consistent in what you do so that the pattern that you are instilling is the same every time. If you deviate from the repetition of the pattern that you have been presenting day after day, it will lose its strength, especially from the dog’s memory, and make it less effective. By being consistent, you will be able to modify virtually every behavior that you are trying to teach your canine. This actually makes your job much easier, and you will see more impressive results as a result of being consistent.

There are many tips for training dogs that people will give, all of which serve some type of purpose. It could be teaching obedience, how to fetch, or simply a command to lie down. Yet if you do not have control of the situation at all times and if you are reinforcing mistakes that they make or not being consistent in your rewards or punishments your ability to do dog training will be greatly compromised. By simply controlling each situation, reinforcing positive behavior, and remaining consistent in all that you do, your ability to train your dog will be easy and effective.